WM8731 带有可编程采样率的便携式互联网音频编解码器与耳机驱动器芯片用户手册

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WM8731 带有可编程采样率的便携式互联网音频编解码器与耳机驱动器芯片用户手册


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The WM8731 is a low power stereo CODEC with an
integrated headphone driver. It offers the user the unique
ability to independently program the ADC and DAC sample
rates from a single clock source. The WM8731 is designed
specifically for portable MP3 audio and speech players and
recorders. The WM8731 is also ideal for MD, CD-RW
machines and DAT recorders.
Stereo line and mono microphone level audio inputs are
provided, along with a mute function, programmable line
level volume control and a bias voltage output suitable for
an electret type microphone.
Stereo 24-bit multi-bit sigma delta ADCs and DACs are
used with oversampling digital interpolation and decimation
filters. Digital audio input word lengths from 16-32 bits and
sampling rates from 8kHz to 96kHz are supported.
Stereo audio outputs are buffered for driving headphones
from a programmable volume control, line level outputs are
also provided along with anti-thump mute and power
up/down circuitry.
The device is controlled via a 2 or 3 wire serial interface.
The interface provides access to all features including
volume controls, mutes, de-emphasis and extensive power
management facilities. The device is available in a small 28-

pin SSOP package.

• Audio Performance
− 97dB SNR (‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz) ADC
− 100dB SNR (‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz) DAC
− 1.42 – 3.6V Digital Supply Operation
− 2.7 – 3.6V Analogue Supply Operation
• ADC and DAC Sampling Frequency: 8kHz – 96kHz
• Selectable ADC High Pass Filter
• 2 or 3-Wire MPU Serial Control Interface
• Programmable Audio Data Interface Modes
− I2S, Left, Right Justified or DSP
− 16/20/24/32 bit Word Lengths
− Master or Slave Clocking Mode
• Stereo Audio Inputs and Outputs
• Microphone Input and Electret Bias with Side Tone Mixer
• Input and Output Volume and Mute Controls
• Highly Efficient Headphone Driver
• Playback Mode Power Consumption < 18mW
• Analogue Pass Through Power Consumption < 9mW
• 28-Pin SSOP Package
• Portable MP3 Players and Recorders
• CD and Minidisc Recorders














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