DS-5 v5.18官方旗舰版 Win32位,支持ARMv8内核架构

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DS-5 5.18更新日志

ARM DS-5 Development Studio version 5.18.0 build 5180018 dated 2014/04/07

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

    ARM Compiler
    • updated to ARM Compiler 5.04u1 for latest improvements and bug fixes
      • for further information on changes see http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.arn0005o/index.html
    • added ARM Compiler 6.00 for embedded and bare-metal code for ARMv8-A processors (DS-5 Ultimate Edition only)
      • for further information on changes see file sw/ARMCompiler6.00/sw/info/readme.htmlin the DS-5 installation directory
    ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
    • data capture possible without gator.ko via user-space only gatord on Linux kernel 3.12 and later (early access feature)
    • OpenCL visualization from Mali GPU (early access feature)
    • added image source path substitution
    • Chart configuration supports log charts, line charts and has a redesigned counter source display
    • includes gator version 18
    DS-5 Debugger
    • added the ability to view cache contents in the Data view and on the command line for Cortex-A15
    • Memory view highlights areas of memory that are cached (where cache data is available)
    • trace dump command is extended to support dumping of STM and ITM trace
    • added OS awareness for SEGGER embOS™ on ARMv5, ARMv6M and ARMv7 architecture devices
    • exclusive access to a DSTREAM unit can be obtained by connecting with 'username@' prefixed to the IP address or hostname
    • new views are added in Eclipse for configuring and updating the firmware on DSTREAM and RealView ICE hardware debug units
    • RTOS Data view is renamed to OS Data view
    • trace reporting is extended to support ITM and STM
    • improved error messages when trace decode encounters issues
    • device support extended to include:
      • ARM FVP: VE_Cortex_A12x4, VE_Cortex_A7x1, VE_Cortex_A7x2, VE_Cortex_A7x4, VE_Cortex_R5x1, VE_Cortex_R5x2, VE_Cortex_R7x1, VE_Cortex_R7x2
      • Cyclone V SoC (Single Core)
      • Cortex-M Prototyping System (MPS2): Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4
      • Faraday SoCreativeIV-A380
      • i.MX6 DualLite
      • i.MX6 SoloLite
      • Linux Application Debug: Application Debug, Connections via AArch64 gdbserver
      • LSI: AXM5500 SIM, AXM5500x4 SIM, AXM5504, AXM5508, AXM5512, AXM5516
      • Pandaboard: debug of the Cortex-M3s
      • TMDX570LS04HDK: added ULINKpro/ULINKpro D support
      • TMDX570LS12HDK: added ULINKpro/ULINKpro D support
      • TMDX570LS31HDK: added ULINKpro/ULINKpro D support
    • new 4.17.0 version of firmware included
    • Eclipse IDE is upgraded to version 4.3 (Kepler)
    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Eclipse and other Java applications in DS-5 is upgraded to version 7
    Simulation Models:
    • updated to Fixed Virtual Platforms 8.3.2 release
    • added ARMv8 simulation model for ARMv8 development (DS-5 Ultimate Edition only)

The following features are at beta status:

    ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
    • Streamline can now analyse Cortex-M targets using DSTREAM, ITM and DWT with an RTOS such as RTX
    DS-5 Debugger
    • new Linux application rewind feature allows you to seamlessly run and step backwards, use breakpoints and watchpoints (on supported kernels and targets) and examine the state of your application at any point in the past

The following features are deprecated and might be removed in a future release:

    Minimum supported Java version
    • use of Java 6 is deprecated for running ARM's Eclipse plug-ins, and future releases of DS-5 will require Java 7 as the minimum supported version
    Simulation models
    • Cortex-A8 simulation model for Emulation Baseboard is deprecated
    Supported host platforms
    • support for Windows XP is deprecated and will be removed at the end of Q3 2014
    • support for Windows Server 2003 is deprecated and will be removed at the end of Q3 2014
    • support for Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 LTS is deprecated

DS-5 5.18重要说明:





(5)2013年6月20日起,新申请的试用版许可证不能在 DS-5 以前的版本中使用,即 DS-5 v5.14 及以前的版本都不能使用2013年6月20日以后申请的许可证,需下载 DS-5 v5.15 及以上版本方可使用。

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(7)该下载地址的 DS-5 版本适合安装在 Windows 32位系统上,下载其他三个版本:

>> DS-5 5.18官方开发工具Windows 64位; 
>> DS-5 5.18官方开发工具Linux 64位; 
>> DS-5 5.18官方开发工具Linux 32位














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