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ARM DS-5 Development Studio version 5.21.0 build 5210017 dated 2015/03/28

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

    Supported Host Platforms
    • Windows XP is no longer supported
    ARM Compiler ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
    • adds support for Cortex-A72
    • adds support for Mali-T8xx
    • improved support for Ftrace counters
    • annotate.h supports creating custom activity charts and an example is provided to show this
    • supports dark and light themes, configurable in Streamline preferences
    • additional Mali GPU snippets for the Midgard series of Mali GPUs
    DS-5 Debugger
    • substantial improvements have been made to all areas of debugger performance
    • Registers and Variables views allow you to choose which registers and variables are displayed
    • Snapshot Viewer connections can now be made within the graphical debugger using the new Generic - Snapshot entries in the Debug Configurations dialog
    • Snapshot Viewer now supports ARMv8 architecture as well as multi-core systems
    • new CMSIS-DAP firmware for ULINK2 probe improves USB stability on some Windows hosts
    • undodb-server executable is updated for speed improvements and bug fixes when using application rewind
    • new device support for:
      • Cortex-A9x1 pre-configured to boot ARM Embedded Linux
      • Cortex-A9x4 pre-configured to boot ARM Embedded Linux
      • FastModel connections: VE Cortex A7x3, VE_Cortex_A17x3, VE_Cortex_A12x3, MPS2_Cortex_M7, MPS_Cortex_M0, MPS_Cortex_M0Plus, MPS_Cortex_M3, and MPS_Cortex_M4
      • Cavium - ThunderX
      • Renesas - RZ/T1 R7S910x01/02/06/07/11/13/15/16/17/18, RTK7910018S00000BE
      • Generic - Snapshot
      • Freescale - i.MX6 Solo adds ULINKpro connection support
      • Freescale - i.MX6 SoloLite adds ULINKpro connection support
      • Freescale - i.MX6 SoloX Sabre SDB adds ULINKpro and ULINKpro D connection support
      • Freescale - TWR-LS1021A adds mbed CMSIS-DAP connection support
    • new 4.23.0 build 35 of firmware included
    • ARMv7 model-based examples now use the VE-A9x1 FVP model from the new "ARM FVP (Installed with DS-5)" folder instead of the deprecated EB-A8 FVP model
    • ARMv8 bare-metal examples cache invalidation function now uses the code from the ARM ARMv8-A Architecture Reference Manual, and alignment checking has been made explicit
    • DTSLExamples.zip, previously at sw\DTSL, have been updated and moved into the main DS-5 Examples
    • RTX for Cortex-A9 now has a new NEON example added to demonstrate compiling for NEON, FPU initialisation, and NEON task switching
    • RTX for Cortex-A9 can have the default 64K (16-bit) maximum private stack size limit increased to 32-bit by compiling the RTX library with __LARGE_PRIV_STACK
    • CoreSight Access Library example now supports ARMv8, ETMv4 and STM-500
    Simulation Models
    • added single-core Cortex-A9 simulation model for bare-metal and Linux application development














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