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DS-5 v5.15.1 重要说明:



(3)自DS-5 v5.14版本起,不用通过ARM网站即可申请30天试用许可证,直接使用DS-5软件本地生成试用许可证,即可评估DS-5软件30天,参见介绍:http://www.myir-tech.com/resource/454.asp


(5)2013年6月20日起,新申请的试用版许可证不能在 DS-5 以前的版本中使用,即 DS-5 v5.14 及以前的版本都不能使用2013年6月20日以后申请的许可证,需下载 DS-5 v5.15.1 及以上版本方可使用。

(6)关于 DS-5 的技术问题,欢迎到米尔科技论坛提问:http://www.myir-tech.com/bbs/

(7)该下载地址的 DS-5 版本适合安装在 Windows 32 位系统上。

DS-5 v5.15.1 版本更新摘要(build5150018 2013年6月20日)

    ARM 编译器 ARM Streamline 性能分析器
    • Capture & Analysis Options dialog adds a Keep option to limit the amount of data to process from a capture session
    • per-cpu disclosure added to the real-time live display
    • CPU Wait charts are now user configurable
    • Log view allows filtering on When and Duration
    • performance of .apc file generation is improved
    • redesigned interface for displaying warnings
    • separate installers are provided for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
    DS-5 调试器
    • processor support extended to include Cortex-A12
    • watchpoints are now supported when connected to CADI simulation models
    • added OS awareness for FreeRTOS™ on Cortex-M family devices
    • added OS awareness for Micrium® μCOS-III® on Cortex-M family devices
    • breakpoint and memory commands now set an internal $ variable with the breakpoint or memory region number so that these can be used in subsequent scripting commands
    • new command newvar allows creation of new variables in DS scripts
    • new address space AXI: provides direct memory access via a CoreSight™ Debug Access Port
    • cdbimporter now supports Embedded Trace FIFO (ETF) and Embedded Trace Router (ETR) devices
    • device support extended to include: Avnet ZedBoard, Freescale i.MX6 Dual, Mindspeed T2200 / T3300, pandaboard.org OMAP 5432, Renesas RZ/A1H R7S721001, ST-Ericsson U8540, TI OMAP 543X and TI TMDX570LS04HDK / TMDX570LS12HDK / TMDX570LS31HDK / TMDXRM42HDK / TMDXRM46HDK / TMDXRM48HDK
    • new 4.12.0 version of firmware included
    • support added for > 32-bit addresses on AXI-AP
    • drive strengths of the JTAG/SWD signals on the DSTREAM probe are reduced to prevent signal reflection issues with certain targets
    • improved support for large multi-core systems containing Cortex devices
    Eclipse IDE
    • removed a limitation on linker command line lengths when building projects on Windows host platforms
    • License Manager dialog provides a diagnostics tab to help resolve licensing errors
    • improved visibility of product update notifications
    • new projects Freescale-Vybrid-VF6xx-A5_RAM and Freescale-VF6xx-M4_RAM in Bare-metal_boards_examples.zip demonstrate basic bare-metal applications running on Freescale Vybrid VF6xx devices
    • ports of RTX for Renesas RZ/A1 device and GENMAI board are included in CMSIS_RTOS_RTX.zip
    GCC 工具链:
    • updated to Linaro GCC Toolchain 2013.03 for Linux applications and Linux kernel
    Simulation Models
    • pre-supplied Real-Time Simulation Models (RTSM) are rebranded to Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP)















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